Weirdest Food Combos that taste seriously amazing
Flavour is everything. For appetite control, for satiation and for the love of good food. Flavours that work together well make the difference between savouring delicious food and just eating something "nice". Great flavour combinations are really important in triggering your taste receptors to send satiation messages to your brain. In other words, the more you tantalise your full range of tastebuds, the fuller you feel with less food.

And I'm pretty sure this is the secret to Biting Fit food - I always feel totally satisfied on my cooking without needing to overfill myself. It's all about the flavours. 

The problem we have with British food culture, is that we are not brave enough. We shy away from trying new foods that are unfamiliar. We make decisions about not liking something purely based on visual appeal alone. The same is true for combinations of foods. 

So here is your chance to throw your judgement out of the window, try some weird and wonderful combinations of flavours and let your tastebuds do the talking. They will thank you for it - and so will your waistline! 

Just one thing.....TRUST ME! Try some of these.....

1)  Apples with Black Pepper. 
It just works.

2) Apples with Marmite. 
It's the sweet (and sometimes sour) flavour of the apples combined with the salty marmite that make this work.

3) Watermelon and crispy bacon
One of my favourite combos for breakfast

4) Natural yoghurt with peanut butter
This is a great low sugar pudding or a filling breakfast

 5) Ready Cooked (Merchant Gourmet) chestnuts and smoked salmon with or without sprouts
Chestnuts are a great carb alternative and their starchy flavour goes well with smoky, salty meats such as bacon or smoked salmon

6) Coconut butter/oil spread on toast with marmite on top and dipped in egg.
Coconut & Marmite on toast = heaven. Trust me!

7) Fresh mango, red chilli and Thai fish sauce
Asian sweet, hot and salty explosion. Add prawns and fresh coriander for a meal. Yum !

8) An egg baked in an avocado half in the oven.
Tasty, creamy, filling. Great breakfast. 

9) Plain basmati rice with a dollop of hummus.
It's lovely ! Try it. 

10) Passata with dijon mustard.
A great and immediate sauce for meat, chicken or fish. 

11) Chicken Omelette
Very nice combo - great high protein lunch or breakfast. 

12) Avocado and smoked mackerel pate
Just blend an avocado and some smoked mackerel in a blender for a perfectly complete dip for lunch. 

13) Bamboo shoots mixed with a dollop of Sambal Oelek
Add some olive oil as well. This makes a lovely salad. Tinned Bamboo shoots are fine. 

14) Raw Jerusalem Artichokes with Soy Sauce or parmesan shavings.
This is one of my favourite snacks. The artichokes are sweet and starchy so this makes a satisfying salty snack instead of a bag of crisps!

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Here's a selection of what my current group have eaten over the last 3 days...

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Enjoy !

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What is the true price of getting ripped

This was me two years ago. I had 13% Body Fat. But what did I sacrifice to get there? I was proud of these types of pictures for a while because I had worked really hard. But the truth of things was a little less impressive.

Being 13% body fat may look great. But for a woman in her 40s, it is most definitely not healthy.

And if anyone here is aspiring to look like this or any of those ripped Fitness Models we see regularly appearing in our newsfeed my advice would be DON’T. A lot of them hide dark secrets about how they got there and how they stay there.

Who should look ripped?

There are only 2 types of people, in my opinion, who should look like this.

1) Fitness instructors (especially Les Mills Instructors!) who teach every day because it is their passion and/or have no choice (that was me)

2) Athletes in competition or with a specific performance goal.

Everybody else (in my opinion) who is this ripped, has either body image and/or food issues (controversial, I know).

Why do I say this? Because I know what it takes to look like this. It is insane and it is not natural. Obviously it is more natural for a 25yr old than a 40yr old, and more natural for a man than a woman (men naturally have less body fat) but the work required is still insane.

That is why I gave up my Fitness Career. 25 hours of weights, HIIT and endurance exercise a week is not natural or healthful on a long-term basis. Especially not for a woman in her 40s!

This is the price I paid for being 13% Body Fat:

1) Inability to enjoy social occasions as constantly had to think about fuelling for the next day and not jeopardising my energy levels.

2) Getting up an hour earlier when I was exhausted to carefully time my fuelling and hydration correctly.

3) No time to prioritise other things that were important.

4) My hormones changed DRAMATICALLY. It made me ill.

5) Constant risk of injury and regular expensive Osteo treatments and Sports Massages to re-align

6) Inability to EAT ENOUGH FOOD due to lifestyle and timing constraints around teaching.

7) Exhaustion

8) Joint damage

9) Loss of feminine curves! (which is why you see SO many depressingly bad boob jobs in the Fitness Industry).

10) Constant sugar cravings (because my glycogen was always depleted!)

It takes A LOT of effort, dedication and commitment to get this ripped. And the puritan approach you need with your food and your training can get totally obsessive for some and encourage eating disorders – extremely common in the Fitness Industry.

But it looks good, right?

If the only motivation is aesthetics, I would seriously question the reasoning. But that is just my opinion.  I realise some people may think there is nothing wrong with making these sacrifices for aesthetics alone.

I gave up teaching because I wasn’t prepared to see my health or body suffer. If I was 25, things may have been different.

Since giving up teaching I am healthier and happier, I’m still fit, and I have feminine curves that I love. I have no idea how much I weigh or what my new Body Fat percentage is but my hormones have stabilised and I never ever want to be 13% Body Fat again!

Do it because you love it  [:)]