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Reboot your entire body and health in 14 days without going hungry with my results-based Detox plan for busy people.

Have you reached a plateau in your weight loss efforts?

Are you too busy or stressed to even think about food, let alone cook, but want fast transformation without the hassle of complicated recipes or starvation diets?

Are you feeling bloated and frustrated after long periods of over-indulgence?

Would you love to lose fat EASILY, have glowing skin, sleep better than ever, discover more energy, vitality and mental clarity in just 14 days?

Do you wish you could press a "Reset" button for your body?

Then this is for YOU

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Busy-ness is a curse of 21st Century living. It affects us all as more and more is expected of us every day as we get older. Gradually we let our health and bodies take the toll. You may be frustrated with your body, experience low energy and/or mood swings, or suffer niggling health issues such as bloating, fatigue, headaches, IBS, hormone problems and not feel as mentally in control as you would like to. You may feel totally deflated when you look in the mirror and wish you could turn the clock back. But you just don't have the time or energy to mentally commit towards a long, involved weight-loss and exercise programme as well as deal with your day-to-day stresses. And if you have a family you probably feel guilty about putting yourself first. Well firstly please know that you are doing the best you can!  You are not failing at your health or weight loss goals. You are simply prioritising other REALLY important things in your life so why beat yourself up if you don't look or feel a certain way?  We can't do it all. We can't prioritise EVERYTHING all of the time. So...... would it feel if you found a SIMPLE, EASY, step-by-step "Body Reset" plan and online support programme which was actually designed to seemlessly fit around YOUR busy lifestyle and commitments? A plan that you could do on the move, at work, around the children with "fast food" options. A plan that gave you plenty of choice and enjoyment of food but didn't require lots of thought or complicated recipes. A plan that has been researched over 10 years, carefully designed and improved over 4 years, and proven time and time again to deliver incredible results for your mind, body and energy. A complete online programe that can deliver an average of 7lbs of fat loss in just 14 days without you going hungry or needing to exercise if you don't want to. 

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This Transformational, Life-changing Programme is yours for life and includes:
  • ALL your recipes for all meals for two weeks
  • Comprehensive Shopping list and the 14 day plan
  • Options for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters
  • Beautifully designed and illustrated PDFs
  • Extra educational content, tips and bonuses.

  • Headaches and Migraines
  • PMS
  • Joint Pain or Stiffness
  • Skin Conditions
  • Constipation, Poor Digestion, Water Retention and Bloating
  • Low Energy, Mental Sluggishness, Fogginess
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Allergies
  • Emotional Stress 

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What people are saying about the Course...

"For the first time in years (!) I am wearing tight tops without feeling self conscious. Almost everyone I know has commented on how well I look. I’m proud, and determined to keep some of this up. It has changed my life and I have grown a new perspective on how life can be!"

- Emma Taylor 

"I’m on day 5 and I feel great and surprised at how quickly my appetite has reduced. It was easier than I expected and being 6lb lighter on the scales this morning is definitely a massive bonus. Sounds like everyone else is doing great, well done ! Your detox is brilliant so more than happy to share that with other people. I love your Facebook page and recipes, as a Nutritional Therapy student it’s really inspirational."

- Wendy Hill


"I noticed a great improvement in my skin tone, brighter eyes and best of all for me – was the overall improved sense of “wellbeing” – I noticed after about 5 days that I was generally feeling more positive and upbeat – great for me as I do tend to go through life feeling pretty low. Losing some weight was a great bonus too. I really want to thank Gwen for the work she put in to get this 14 day plan out for us all – well planned, researched and presented. Having the group support also helped so much – made it so much easier to stick with the plan."

- Ros Pause