About Me

Hi I'm Gwen! I developed global brand Biting Fit, popular for its successful and easy to follow online detox courses, recipe eBooks, nutritional programmes, UK weekend wellbeing retreats, weight loss programmes and 1:1 life-changing wellbeing coaching. I also run Corporate Wellbeing Programmes and Biting Fit Sports Nutrition designing Performance Nutrition plans for athletes. I teach people that nutritional and healthy food can be quick, easy and delicious as well as therapeutic.

Biting Fit is unique. It has been built around my philosphy, core values, passion and belief that everyone has the right to a happy, joyful, healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life. My purpose is to reach as many people as possible to change their lives and their outlook for the better. In a nutshell I want them to love who they are, to love what they do, and to do more of what they love. Biting Fit emphasises enjoyment of good food without being purist and judgemental but with focus on the self, self-care, health, wellbeing, vitality and performance. I have a reputation for delivering real and long term transformational change for individuals and teams, and when I am not doing that, I lecture at university, write new books, and train as an amateur athlete and cyclist.
Gwen Warren Nutrition Consultancy | Biting Fit

What would you still do with your life every single day even if you won the lottery?

If you're stuck in life this is a great question to ask yourself. For me the answer was that I would continue with my athletic and fitness challenges, create and cook new food and recipes, train as a fitnesss instrctor and expand my fascination and academic learning in health and nutrition science. When I was able to answer this question, I knew at that moment that I had to make it my career as well as my lifestyle. That's when Biting Fit was born!