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What started off as a genuine spur of the moment idea for me to detoxify myself to help me address my energy levels, fitness and a few health and food issues has now become a UK-wide phenomenon and an online Groupon course. Participants reported they were overflowing with energy, had significantly changed their bodies and their mental wellbeing and the way they view food FOR LIFE. Benefits include better sleep, improved mental clarity, a calmer state of mind, much more energy than ever before, glowing skin and an average weight loss of between 7 and 9lbs in just 14 days. 

The supportive element is key in the success of Biting Fit programmes so you will find all the support you need with this Online Course in the form of a series of helpful videos, worksheets and lectures.  

In this Course, you will learn:

What "Detox" really means

The importance of juicing and raw foods

What you can expect and how to manage cravings

What to do when you're eating out or on the go at work

What to do longer term

This Transformational and Life-changing Programme begins with an investment of just £197 and includes:
  • ALL your recipes for all meals for two weeks
  • Comprehensive Shopping list and the 14 day plan
  • Options for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters
  •  Beautifully designed and illustrated PDFs
  • Extra educational content, tips and bonuses.

The testimonials make for inspiring reading and you can read these on the "Testimonials" page of this website.

Your palette and tastebuds will adapt to changes and eventually those seemingly ‘bland’ foods will taste super sweet and satisfying and all those “treats” you once enjoyed and felt guilty about will simply no longer appeal to you as they did before.

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