Biting Fit Life-Changing Testimonials

Biting Fit Testimonial - Lisa Smith
"I’m staggered by my results & am going to carry on with this regime (if only to keep sleeping!) I’ve learnt so much, lost so much (9 3/4 lbs! Amazing!!!) & have found it much easier than I thought. I love my juicer, what an investment & have had no sweet cravings – miracle! Even went to the cinema today & resisted popcorn – & I LOVE popcorn! I’ve got some great stats & before & after photos, what a transformation! Thank you so much for changing my life & for educating me to be able to carry on eating more nutritious food in the right quantities! I feel a million dollars, re-energised & better & fitter than I have done for years! :o)"

-  Lisa Smith